Jumaat, 14 Oktober 2011


Today I put too much effort and energy toward assignment and got really tired..........By the way I'm happy for doing this. I somehow use my stupid brain to think something valuable. Really good and I want to clap for myself hureiiiiii.......

I hope this year, I change much. Practice and practice, avoid being lazy, upgrading my English language and  Japanese too . Oh no ...HR midterm is coming.I have  Japanese Quiz too........Oh well probably is not big deal.I have to finish my shukudai...( Japanese esei n exercises) and SEM first.

Someone please read this and correct my grammar.YOU ARE WELCOME to my site.

Rabu, 12 Oktober 2011

Islam Tomorrow .com

Islam Tomorrow .com

Islam is a verb and a noun at the same time.

The first meaning of "Islam" is the verb from the root "aslama" (a verb), meaning to: "surrender; submit; obey; sincerity and in peace."

The second meaning of "Islam" is the noun form from the same root, and it describes the last and final form of the way of life as perscribed by the Creator for His Creation. This is the name used in Quran for Muslims to call themselves as followers of "Islam". This would make them "Islam-ers" in English, but of course in Arabic the prefix "mu" is added to denote the one preforming the action or verb and instead it becomes "mu"-"islam" or "Muslim."

"Islam" can be understood in a very general sense to be the true religion of God, as it is from Him and according to His commandments without adding to or taking away from the basic precepts.

This pages is very interesting for us as Muslim

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

Basic Hiragana Character あ

Gambar di atas adalah salah satu daripada huruf hiragana. Berbunyi 'ah'


ああああああああああああああああああ。。。。。。。。。。(aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......) macam tu lah lebih kurang.Tak tau nak cakap macam mana.

Learning Japanese Part 1 (Belajar Bahasa Jepun Bhg 1)

Let start with the basic first.

1) watashi (わたし) = I (saya)

2) watashi-tachi (わたしたち) = we ( kami)

3) anata (あなた) = you (kamu)

4) ano hito (あの ひと) = that person , he ,she ( dia)

5) minasan (みなさん) = ladies and gentlemen, all of you

Do you find second hand smoke irritating?

Do you find second hand smoke irritating?: Do you find secondhand smoke irritating?
You might just bear with it because you think that it doesn’t affect you.But these are the facts!
4000 known chemicals in tobacco smoke and at least 250 of them are harmful and more than 50 cause cancer. NON-SMOKERS are at risks of developing lung cancer and other related diseases attributed to tobacco smoke too! This is no longer

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